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Helping creators pursue their filmmaking dreams

Whether you’re a Writer, Director, Producer, Actor, or any other Film Creator, you know how daunting of a task making an indie film can be. And that’s why we created the Indie Film Community, to guide and assist you in whatever phase of film production you are–to serve as your definitive resource for all things indie film—so that you can make your dream a reality.

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Fostering community in the film industry

The Indie Film Community isn't just a name—it's a reflection of our core values and mission. In a landscape dominated by streaming giants and Hollywood studios, independent filmmakers face formidable challenges. That's why we emphasize the importance of community. We believe in fostering an environment that's friendly, open, and accessible to all filmmakers, regardless of their experience or background.

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In order to survive in the film industry, filmmakers must first and foremost make a good film. Secondly, indie filmmakers must also utilize targeted marketing strategies to capture niche audiences and distinguish themselves in a crowded market. And lasty, indie filmmakers need to successfully distribute their film so that audiences can watch it.


Big Studios that make dozens of movies each year have the luxury of being able to share resources from film to film and thus, make the process much more cost-effective and efficient for each film.  

This is called “economies of scale”, and it can only be achieved when lots of movies are made together. In contrast, because indie filmmakers work on their own and are not part of a studio system, every time an indie film gets made, the filmmaker must basically start from scratch and “re-invent the wheel”.

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But what if there was an organization that could give indie filmmakers access to economies of scale? What if this organization could give every one of its members access to high quality professional resources and services?

That is the mission of the Indie Film Community; to facilitate the participation of thousands of indie filmmakers worldwide in achieving economies of scale for all involved. 


As a member of the Indie Film Community, every filmmaker will have access to all of the resources and services that they require to make their movies and at much lower prices than they could ever achieve on their own.  This includes Legal Services, Insurance, Payroll, Accounting, Piracy Prevention, and most importantly Distribution & Marketing. This is the power of economies of scale.

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Our Services

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Independent Film Consulting

Leveraging decades of hands-on experience in film financing, production, distribution, and marketing, Jeff Deverett offers priceless insights during one-on-one Zoom or phone consultations. Jeff will give you honest and informative answers to all your questions.

Consultation types:

  • Introductory – 15 minutes / FREE / explanation of services offered
  • Basic – 30 minutes / $100 / with Junior level staff to answer basic questions
  • Advanced - 30 minutes / with Jeff Deverett / $150
  • Advanced - 60 minutes / with Jeff Deverett / $250
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Distributing & Marketing

What good is making a great movie if no one ever gets to see it? Most filmmakers focus all their time, energy, and resources on creating their content and very few think about distributing their content. That is the main reason that the success rate of indie films is so low; because most indie films never get properly distributed and marketed.

If you want your movie to be seen by audiences and you want to make money with your movie; you need to do proper Distribution & Marketing. As most indie filmmakers soon discover, getting proper Distribution & Marketing is extremely challenging and can be very demoralizing. That is why the Indie Film Community has built a specialized Distribution & Marketing team that focuses entirely on the distribution of low budget indie films and is available to assist you if and when you need help releasing your movie.

It all begins with a comprehensive and strategic Distribution & Marketing plan (“D&M”) that gives you a complete, objective overview of the marketplace and a tactical scheme for best targeting your audience.

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If you're seeking guidance on financing your movie, booking a one-on-one consultation with Jeff is your best option. Jeff is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of film financing, covering topics such as:

  • Private investor strategies
    • How to find and network with High-Net-Worth Individuals
    • How to pitch to private investors.
  • Financial Incentives
    • State tax credits, rebates, grants, and other incentives
    • International tax credits, rebates, etc.
  • Budgeting
    • Realistic & practical budgeting at various levels
  • Deal terms / Return on Investment / Risks
  • Financial Forecasts
    • Realistic revenue estimates / domestic & worldwide
  • Cost of consulting: Simply book a 30 or 60-minute consulting session to discuss your specific needs and circumstances.
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Scripting, Scheduling & Budgeting

Do you need help writing a script or negotiating a writer's agreement? We can assist.

  • We can connect you with a writer.
  • For first-draft scripts, the writing fee is negotiable, but writers typically charge between $10k and $40k depending on their level of experience.
  • Typically, it takes 4 - 6 weeks to write a first-draft script.
  • If you require a Writer's Agreement, please see our legal section for more details.

In order to create an accurate budget, you will need a script breakdown and a shooting schedule.

  • We can create those for you.
  • It takes approx. 2 - 3 weeks for us to create a comprehensive script breakdown and shooting schedule.
  • Our fee is $3,000; note, this includes the creation of BOTH the script breakdown & the shooting schedule.

Once you have your script breakdown and a shooting schedule, you will need a budget.

  • We can create this for you.
  • It takes approx. 2 - 3 weeks for us to create a detailed budget.
  • Our fee for a detailed budget is $2,500; note, this price assumes that you already have a shooting schedule and that we have access to it.
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Legal Documents

All movies require legal documents. If you are making a movie with a budget of more than $750,000, we recommend that you hire a lawyer to do your contracts. A typical lawyer will charge you approx. $12,000 - $20,000 to do all your legal work.

However, if your budget is less than $750,000, you do not need to hire an expensive lawyer. If you want to save a lot of money, we can provide you with industry standard, simple to understand deal memos for all your production needs. Our legal documents were drafted by experienced Entertainment lawyers and were designed specifically for use on low budget indie films. Our documents are as professional as any that you will get from an Entertainment lawyer and because we provide hundreds of filmmakers with legal documents, we can provide these services at greatly discounted prices.

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Insurance and Payroll


All film productions require Insurance. Do not make the mistake of trying to shoot your movie without Production Insurance; it could end up being a huge financial disaster if something goes wrong. Also, when you begin distribution of your movie you will be required to have E&O (Errors & Omissions) insurance.

We have contracted a volume discounted price with an industry leading Film Insurance company. By being a member of the Indie Film Community, you can access these insurance services at extremely competitive rates.


All film productions require Payroll. If you are working on a very limited budget, you can do the payroll by yourself. However, doing your own Payroll can often be complicated and confusing - especially if you have never done it before.

We can assist you with your payroll. We have contracted a volume discounted price with an industry leading Film Payroll company. By being a member of the Indie Film Community, you can access these payroll services at discounted rates.

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Full Production Package

You have a great idea for a movie, and you have access to financing; however, you have never made a movie before, so you have no idea how the process works. You need someone who you can trust to manage the entire process for you. This is what we call our “Full Production Package”.

Here’s what it includes:

  • Arranging to have a script written about your idea.
  • Creating a shooting schedule and budget.
  • Shooting of the movie. This is called principal photography. This includes Producing & Directing the movie.
  • Editing, Sound, Music, special effects, etc. This is called Post-Production.
  • Distribution & Marketing; getting the movie seen by audiences worldwide.

Full Production Packages are completely customized and priced individually based on the complexity and details of each project. 

Note: A Full Production Package does NOT include Financing of the movie. We can help you with an Investor Pitch Package (see details in the Financing section), but we do not arrange financing for you; you must arrange your own financing. 

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Agent Representation

If you’re a WRITER or an ACTOR, you will likely need a good AGENT to represent you. Finding a good agent can be very challenging and frustrating especially if you are just starting out and you don’t yet have previous credits on your resume. This is the typical “chicken / egg” dilemma. You need an agent to help get credits on your resume; but no agent wants to take on talent that does not yet have credits.

We totally understand this dilemma and we can help. The Indie Film Community has made arrangements with several credible LITERARY and TALENT agents who are willing to represent you on a “modified fee basis”. For details, please refer to the "Agent Representation" section.

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Streaming Platform


The Indie Film Community will be launching its own proprietary Streaming Platform. This platform will be unique when compared to other streaming platforms. 

What will make this Streaming Platform totally unique is that it will be set up like a MEMBERSHIP CLUB, with filmmakers being the members and sharing with other filmmakers in the successes of the platform. This platform will become the trusted home for all indie film content including Features & Shorts, Narrative & Documentary. The Platform will be built on a predictable and trusted audience; a membership of worldwide indie filmmakers supporting each other by submitting their films, watching each other’s films, and sharing the revenue in a fair and equitable way. 

In addition, the platform will be available to NON-MEMBER (ie. non-filmmaker) audiences via Subscription Video on Demand “SVOD” wherein the audience will pay a monthly fee or discounted annual fee to access all the programming. 

This will be a NON-EXCLUSIVE platform meaning that filmmakers can put their content onto any and all other streaming platforms in addition to this one.

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  • Jack Andrews
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    As a young filmmaker it’s a relief to know that the answers to my questions and doubts are just a conversation away with Jeff.
    Jack Andrews
  • Mick Martin
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    Jeff Deverett gave me the push I needed to get myself started. I was totally in the dark and he helped me turn on the lights; since then I’ve won three awards for filmmaking and that was in my first year!
    Mick Martin
  • Jonathan Hsu
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    In your consultation with Jeff you draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience; I wish I could just speak with him for hours!
    Jonathan Hsu
  • Lisa Blecher
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    Jeff gives incredible no BS advice on how to be successful in the Indie film world. When I met with him I had only directed & produced a few short films, now I am in post on my first feature and development on my second.
    Lisa Blecher

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