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Finally a practical solution to getting your indie film successfully Distributed!


Mission and Vision

The Future of

Indie Filmmaking 

Are you tired and aggravated in trying to get distribution for your movie?  

The old distribution model is broken, so we created a new one.  We’re forging a new direction for indie filmmakers like you to get your movies seen worldwide and to make money. Indie Film Community was built specifically for indie films to flourish and succeed. 


This is the future of indie filmmaking.

How the Indie Film Community can help you...


We will assist you in finding a credible Distributor


 We will assist you in negotiating a FAIR distribution agreement


We will assist you with SELF-DISTRIBUTION if you choose to do so


We will assist you in understanding and choosing the right streaming platforms


We will assist you in designing a Film Festival strategy

Kiss and Cry
Full Out
Full Out 2 You Got This
My Brothers Keeper
King of the Camp
God Incorporated
The Samuel Project


Our Team


Professor / Film Finance, Distribution & Marketing

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Professional Film Consultant

Jeff Deverett

Jeff Deverett
Founder and CEO - Indie Film Community

Jeff Deverett is first and foremost a career indie filmmaker.  Jeff has successfully financed, produced and distributed SEVEN FEATURE FILMS, three of which were picked up by NETFLIX for Worldwide Distribution.  After graduating Law School, he spent the first 14 years of his film career working in large and mid-size media companies doing domestic & worldwide Film & TV Distribution.  He then founded his own Distribution company which he successfully operated for 10 more years before selling it to a large media company.  Jeff has an thorough working knowledge of all aspects of Indie film Production, Distribution, and Marketing.  Presently he provides professional finance, distribution, and marketing guidance to hundreds of indie filmmakers worldwide as well as teaching in San Diego State University’s prestigious Film program.

Larry Deverett

Larry Deverett
Director of D&M Plans

Larry Deverett is the Director of Business Development for the Indie Film Community.   Larry has been in business development for over 30 years.  He has helped to build and implement the strategies and marketing plans for more than 20 startups in high tech, CPG and the film industry.  His experience and creative, out of the box approach gives his clients an advantage in finding new market opportunities and a broad range of customers/viewers.  Larry also assists companies in opening doors to finance opportunities and international expansion.   He brings a wide range of business and market experience to assist filmmakers in generating the best possible Distribution & Marketing plan.     

Araceli Rubalcava is a dynamic graduate of San Diego State University who is deeply passionate about film production and has a natural talent for marketing. Throughout her college career, Araceli honed her skills as a social media intern and media coordinator for multiple start-ups and non-profit organizations. As a member of Gen Z, she is well-versed in the latest social media trends and understands the power of social commerce. With her expertise in social media and paid advertising, Araceli is dedicated to helping filmmakers of all types connect with diverse audiences and expand their reach.

Araceli Rubalcava

Araceli Rubalcava
Marketing Manager

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