Let's Face it, producing and distributing your own film can be a daunting task.

Luckily, you don't have to do it alone.

Jeff brings a wealth of firsthand expertise to the table, offering personalized guidance on the intricate aspects of financing, producing, and distributing an independent film. With decades of hands-on experience in production and distribution, he provides invaluable insights during consultation meetings conducted via Zoom or over the phone. Renowned for his straightforward, honest approach and commitment to delivering the unvarnished truth without any sugarcoating, Jeff is a seasoned veteran in the film “business” and a trusted advocate for indie filmmakers.  In the challenging landscape of indie filmmaking, where profitability can often prove elusive, Jeff equips filmmakers with fundamental and hands-on filmmaking tools, along with the necessary know-how to attain success within their low-budget constraints.

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Consultation Meetings

There are three consultation meeting options available for filmmakers. Please choose the one that best suits your current filmmaking needs.
Araceli Rubalcava
FREE for 15 minutes,
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Araceli Rubalcava
$100 per 30 minutes
Of indie film consulting
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Jeff Deverett
Jeff Deverett
$150 per 30 minutes
With Jeff Deverett
$250 per 60 minutes
with Jeff Deverett

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