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Purple Abstract

Distribution & Marketing Plan DETAILS
Note: EACH D&M Plan will have SPECIFIC Details & Strategies tailored to the specific film.

Identify the target audience for this film

Determine who really wants to watch the film.

Are there certain themes or other elements of the film that appeal to specific audiences?

Are there characters in the film that are relatable to certain groups of people?

In addition to the core target audience, what other secondary audiences might be interested in this film?

What about Family / Friends / Business Associates / Etc. How can we engage them?

Create AWARENESS with the core audience.

Where do we find the core target audience people and how do we connect with them to give the messaging about the film?

How do we create Awareness using the following:

Direct marketing 



Social Media




What are comparable films and how did they perform?

Will the promotional materials resonate with the core target audience?

Title of Movie



Promo Reel


Is there a good website for this movie?

Should we do a Film Festival release to help create awareness?

If not, do we need to create one?

If so, how many festivals; which festivals; public relations at festivals?

Should we attempt to do a limited theatrical release?

If so, what locations; how many screens; advertising; etc.

What is the most strategic and effective way to deploy the marketing resources?

How much should be spent; on what; and over what period of time?

Detailed Marketing Budget

How do we monitor and gauge the success of the marketing campaign?

Where do we send the audience to watch the movie?

The filmmaker has made a great movie; we’ve identified the target audience; we’ve connected with the audience and enticed them to watch the movie.

Now where do we send the audience to watch the movie?

A movie theater? A streaming platform? TV?


Should you use a DISTRIBUTOR?

How do we find a credible Distributor?
Do we recommend certain Distributors based on our past experience?
How do we make a FAIR distribution deal?


How do we find a credible Aggregator?
What services does the film actually need and how much should we pay? 

Do we want to create our own distribution channel; perhaps YouTube, Vimeo, or various other self-streaming OTT services?

• Do we want to create our own website and offer the film for sale?
• What will we do for International Distribution?
• What will we do for TV and ancillary markets like airlines, cruise ships, military bases, etc.?

ilitary bases, etc.?

How does your movie make money?

How much will the audience pay to watch the movie?


(transactional video on demand) whereby customers pay a rental fee?


(advertising video on demand) wherein the customers can watch the movie for free with
advertisements, and then get a small share of the advertising revenue?


SVOD (Subscription video on demand) platform like Netflix and hope that they pay you a good licensing fee? If so, what is the strategy for engaging these platforms?

How will we ensure that the filmmaker is receiving proper payments from the Distributor,
Aggregator or directly from the platforms?

What are our expectations for  REVENUE?


• What other strategies should we consider and/or implement for the release of this movie?
• What time frame do we expect the entire release to take?
• What is the default plan if nothing else works?

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