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Best Strategy for Releasing an Indie Movie

We recommend a THREE PHASE strategy for releasing your movie.

Phase 1: 

Create Distribution & Marketing Plan “D&M”

This is a comprehensive & strategic plan of how to release & market your movie.

cost: $3,875

Phase 2: 

Test Market the strategies in your D&M plan

Execute a TEST of your D&M plan.
The D&M plan will indicate where to best deploy your TEST marketing resources.


The test will give you a good indication of which strategies will be most effective with your audience and how to engage them in PAID viewership.

We recommend spending approx. $15,000 to do a proper test of your market strategy.
approx. $10,000 in advertising, publicity, and promotion costs
approx. $5,000 in fees (which you can save if you do the release yourself)

Phase 3: 

Release your movie with a Strategic marketing campaign

Once you have assessed the results of your TEST and you know who and where your Target Audience actually is and how to connect with them, you will then want to focus your marketing efforts and resources on connecting to that audience.


If you have had good test results, we recommend spending an additional $50,000 -$75,000 on targeted marketing; depending upon your available resources.


If you have had poor test results; we recommend re-evaluating how much to spend on marketing your movie. You do not want to “throw good money after bad”.

SUCCESS of a Film.

We will provide you with a top-notch professional D&M plan but we CANNOT GUARANTEE the ultimate success of your film release.

The success of a film release depends on various factors including:

Is the film GOOD?

An entertaining film has a much better chance of success than a non-entertaining film. The filmmaker needs to make an entertaining film; otherwise, the chances of success are low.


Our D&M Plan will outline the best strategies for releasing and marketing the movie, but will the filmmaker actually execute the plan properly and deploy the necessary resources to give it a chance of success?


Like everything else in life, it’s always helpful to have good timing and luck on your side. This is not controllable.

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