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istribution &


Every indie filmmaker struggles with Distribution . . . but not anymore!

If you want your movie to be SUCCESSFUL, you have to do marketing

Distribution & Marketing Plan

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Who? How? Where?


Who is your
NICHE / TARGET Audience?

○ Who will want to watch your movie?  

○ Sometimes filmmakers lose sight of who their audience is.  

○ We will help you identify your audience.


How do you CREATE AWARENESS with your audience?

○ What tools do you use to connect with them?  


○ Social Media marketing is one component of a marketing campaign but you can do so much more.  

○ We can help you strategically connect with your audience.


Where will you send your Audience to WATCH your movie?

○ Which streaming platforms will work for your film?

○ How much will you charge your audience to watch your movie?  

○ We can help you arrange all of these logistics.

The Indie "dream" of seeing your movie on Netflix

Every filmmaker has the dream of seeing their movie on Netflix or one of the other big streaming platforms.
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The other indie "dream of releasing your movie THEATRICALLY


For those of you who want to take a shot at releasing your movie theatrically, we have a great way to do so!


If you want to release your film internationally, the indie film community can connect you with reliable and trustworthy distributors in many regions of the world.  And we can help you with negotiating your distribution deal and delivering your movie.  

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