legal documentation is a non-negotiable

Throughout your filmmaking journey, you will need many legal documents and contracts.

Our experienced team is here to provide you with expertly written and carefully crafted legal documents that precisely match your unique needs and circumstances. These documents serve as a crucial shield during the filmmaking journey because without proper legal protection, your dream can swiftly transform into a nightmare. We're here to ensure your creative vision is safeguarded every step of the way.

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Legal Documents

Contracts for filmmakers
$250 each

Story rights agreement
Book option agreement (or other IP)
Script writing agreement
Financing agreement / equity or debt Producing agreement
Directing agreement
Crew agreement(s)
Talent agreement(s)
Talent/writer representation agreement (agent) Location agreements
Equipment agreements
Services agreements (all services for production, post-production, delivery, etc.)
Distribution agreement
Sales agent agreement

Other Services

Contracts for filmmakers
Other agreements
Customization of documents
Negotiation of distribution deals


Bulk Discounts

2-5 agreements

5% off

6-10 agreements

10% off

11+ agreements

15% off

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