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About Our Marketing Services

You've poured your heart and soul into creating a remarkable movie. But what’s the point of making a movie if you don’t have an audience to enjoy and experience it? By creating a strategic and detailed marketing plan, you will ensure that your film gets the attention it deserves. A robust marketing campaign will spark curiosity and captivate the intended audience for your movie. Here are some steps you need to take to help you market your film.

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Identify Your Target or Niche Audience

Having a deep understanding of the demographics, interests, and preferences of your target audience is essential to the success of your film. Once you find the core audience of your movie, you can create tailored promotional material accordingly and choose the right distribution channels that appeal with your audience.

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Build Awareness Within Your Audience

This step is crucial for growing your audience and creating a loyal fan base. Make sure to fully utilize the power of social media to promote your movie. This advantage will help to amplify the impact and awareness of your movie, while targeted campaigns help extend your reach.

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Master Direct Marketing

By mastering your skills in direct marketing, you gain the advantage of directly connecting with your audience on a personalized level. With this skill, you can navigate the landscape of filmmaking with confidence and ensure that your movie impactfully reaches its intended audience.

How We Can Help You Market

Remember, it’s your job to do all the marketing for your own film! However, our distribution and marketing services at Indie Film Community can help you plan and guide you through a carefully structured marketing strategy in order to boost your film’s visibility and find your audience before it’s released. With a proper distributing and marketing plan, you can significantly improve the chances of your film achieving success and increase the likelihood of making profit!

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Distribution & Marketing Services

Distributor Introduction

We will connect you with up to THREE credible distributors to present your movie to.

Distribution & Marketing Plan

We will create a comprehensive Distribution & Marketing strategy for the release of your movie. Approx. 35 pages including revenue forecasts. You should do this plan BEFORE you make your movie.
Basic Member Price
Premium Member Price


We are happy to come alongside you and to help you navigate the pitfalls of the film-making world.

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Audiences need to know about your movie and be eager to watch it. This requires marketing.

You made a great movie but don’t assume that anyone will ever know about it.  You need to make them aware of it by doing a robust marketing campaign.

First, identifying your core or niche audience lays the groundwork for effective strategies. Next, building awareness within this audience is essential for growth and loyalty. Leveraging social media's power amplifies your impact, and executing targeted campaigns expands your reach. Lastly, mastering direct marketing creates a direct audience connection, empowering you to navigate the filmmaking landscape confidently and purposefully.

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Get the answers

Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to do a D&M plan is at the idea or script phase. If you map out your marketing strategy at the idea or script phase, then you will be able to build marketable elements into your movie that will help connect to your target audience.

If you want to release your short film and try to make money with it then YES, you will need a D&M plan. We charge the same fee for all D&M plans, shorts or features. NOTE: It is the same amount of work to do a proper D&M plan for a short film as it is for a feature.

You likely spent (or will spend) tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in making your movie. $3,850 for a comprehensive D&M plan is the best investment that you can make in giving yourself the best chance of getting an audience, viewership, and ultimately make money with your movie. 

Our team are EXPERTS in Film Distribution & Marketing. We do a thorough and comprehensive customized release plan for your movie . . . giving you practical, realistic guidance on how to make your film successful!

This is the most commonly asked question. A Distributor will NOT do marketing for your movie; they will merely put your movie onto streaming platforms. For example: Suppose that they put your movie onto an AVOD platform like TUBI. Your movie will be one of 100,000 other movies & TV shows on that platform. How will the viewing audience find your movie in the vast sea of 100,000? They likely won’t; unless you do some marketing to create audience awareness. Your Distributor will NOT do marketing for your movie; you will have to do the marketing yourself. A D&M plan is your marketing strategy. You will absolutely need it!

You should find an additional source of funding for Marketing; otherwise, all of your hard work and expense in making the movie will go to waste if you don’t get your movie properly distributed and marketed.

NO, we do not guarantee the success of any movie. Much of the success of a movie depends on how good the movie is. But we do assure that you will have a much better chance of success with a D&M plan.

Yes, it will give you a roadmap on exactly what to do; how to do it; and how much to spend. Obviously, it’s up to you whether or not you follow every recommendation in the plan. And by the way, remember that you will need to have funds available to do marketing expenditures.

If you don’t want to execute the plan yourself, our team can help you. We will charge you fair fees for our time and services; those fees are outlined in the plan. 

The film business is super high risk, and many indie films lose money. With a D&M plan you will have a 5x better chance of making money with your movie, but there are no guarantees.

Have Questions? Book your free 15-minute call.

  • Aydan Tair
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    One session with Jeff felt like a masterclass - in a single 30 min call Jeff gave us a solid, realistic distribution strategy which helped us to both fund and film our first feature film, bringing our collective dream to life! We couldn't have done it without Jeff.
    Aydan Tair
  • Zak Mirz
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    Jeff is the type of friend that's annoying to have around. He tells you things you don't want to hear, but need to hear. Those are the best kinds of people to have in your circle.
    Zak Mirz
  • Pavell Ythjall
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    Jeff literally made us see the light. Thanks to him our script is 100% better and his consultation fee was well spent money! I admire his "get shit done spirit" and his love for filmmaking.
    Pavell Ythjall

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