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Many filmmakers are brimming with fantastic movie ideas, but they need help in bringing those ideas to reality.

As a member of the Indie Film Community, you will get lots of help. You will receive access to a wealth of professional resources and services that will empower you to get your film projects financed, produced, and distributed. This includes exclusive educational videos on all filmmaking topics as well as discounted professional film services such as legal, accounting, payroll, insurance and many more.

What you get

Select from two membership options, each providing access to informative and educational videos. The BASIC / FREE membership offers access to our comprehensive “how to” video library / learn how to successfully finance, produce, distribute, and market your own indie film. The PREMIUM / PAID membership includes access to our comprehensive “how to” video library PLUS lots of additional exclusive learning videos. You also have access to all member services at DISCOUNTED prices.

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If you have already made a movie or you are seriously planning on making a movie; the Premium membership is the smart choice; it will pay for itself many times over.
Jeff Deverett
Founder and CEO, Indie Film Community
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