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production is the "party"

This is what most filmmakers dream of.

At the heart of every filmmaker's passion lies the thrill of production—the exhilarating moments of bringing a story to life, capturing the perfect shot, and immersing oneself in the creative process. If filmmakers had their way, they would spend every waking hour in the whirlwind of production, for it is undeniably the "fun part" of their craft. But, for the first-time filmmaker, production can be incredibly overwhelming.

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  • Jack Andrews
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    As a young filmmaker it’s a relief to know that the answers to my questions and doubts are just a conversation away with Jeff.
    Jack Andrews
  • Mick Martin
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    Jeff Deverett gave me the push I needed to get myself started. I was totally in the dark and he helped me turn on the lights; since then I’ve won three awards for filmmaking and that was in my first year!
    Mick Martin
  • Jonathan Hsu
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    In your consultation with Jeff you draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience; I wish I could just speak with him for hours!
    Jonathan Hsu
  • Lisa Blecher
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    Jeff gives incredible no BS advice on how to be successful in the Indie film world. When I met with him I had only directed & produced a few short films, now I am in post on my first feature and development on my second.
    Lisa Blecher

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Bring your story to life

Make this the year you see your dream turn into a reality.

Our Movie Production Services team can bring your cinematic vision to life. With an experience group of professionals and state-of-the-art technology, we offer end-to-end solutions for all your filmmaking needs. From concept development, scriptwriting, and casting, to on-set production, post-production, and distribution strategies, we're here to ensure every aspect of your project is handled with precision and creativity. Whether you're someone with just an idea or a seasoned filmmaker who needs assistance, we provide the expertise and resources to turn your ideas into stunning visual stories that captivate audiences worldwide. Let us be your partner in crafting compelling and unforgettable movies that leave a lasting impact.

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Filmmaking is complicated but we make it easy.
The Indie Film Community is proud to guide indie filmmakers in pursuing their dreams.
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